Children’s Ministry

gcf9As a community that cares about and for all God’s children, Authentic Life Church provides a safe, clean, and nurturing environment in our children’s ministry.

We have a nursery available in the main sanctuary for babies ages 0-3. Our preschool class (ages 3-6) meets in the kitchen off the far hallway. Our discovery class (ages 7-11) meets in the youth room off the far hallway as well. All our classes are staffed by competent teachers.

Infants and small children learn through their experiences of people and places. Our ministry workers model kindness, compassion and concern in their interaction with our children. Simple values such as sharing, non-violence, and thankfulness are underlined when children play, have snack, or do anything. Children learn to know and trust God when they experience church as a safe and welcoming place.

The curriculum used in the preschool class is by Group Publishing called Hands on Bible. The curriculum used in the discovery class is the Welcome to Holsom Christian comic series. For any further questions, please contact the church office at 530-823-1318.


Children's Ministry