April 20, 2011

Spring Devotional

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Julie with new friend Emily

When spring is upon us parks are filled with families sitting
down for a picnic. Gardeners are planting flowers, and turning the
soil in preparation for a vegetable garden. It’s a time of
expectation and preparation. Winter has passed, and the warmth of
the sun on our skin tells us so.

For most people who know me I have a reputation of being one who
asks 21 questions. Call it curiosity, analytical personality, but
please don’t call me nosy! Now smile.

Do you like picnics?

Do you like to prepare a meal for the ones you love that can be
transported to a beautiful place where you can lie back and rest
and enjoy being with the ones you love?

Picnics are my very favorite. I have two picnic baskets, the red checkered table cloth and napkins to match. Fried chicken, my mom’s
macaroni salad, and BBQ potato chips, oh my I’m getting hungry. Most of all I love the peace and refreshment that comes from going
to a place where you know it’s safe to lie down and rest. Even if there are problems that you are going through. There is nothing
like spreading that red checked cloth and sitting and eating a meal prepared for you.

In Matthew 11:28 Jesus says, “Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden and overburdened and I will cause you to rest. (I will
ease and relieve and refresh your souls) Amplified.

Just lately God gave me His inspiration for a poem. It caused me to ask myself, “Julie, do you know where to run?” When life hurts,
when I need truth, genuine love, acceptance, unconditional love, and rest?

Let me ask you, where do you run? This poem is my answer to God.

You Told Me Where To Run

There is a place in You,
a definite place of peace.
A refuge, a shelter, where I know I can run.

My eyes are fixed on it, I can see it.
This heart of mine longs to be under the cover of You.

Although the storms of life, they blow strong against me,
I turn and face the wind, keeping my eyes fixed on You.
All I hunger for is this place in You.

This place of security, where every Word spoken is truth
Your bonds of love holding me with cords of freedom.

Living, loving, hoping, giving, dancing, laughing,
You are there.

You’ve prepared a place, a picnic.
You told me I’d be safe
You told me where to run.

You said if I ran to You, You’d always be there,
arms open wide, assuring me, loving me, shielding me.

It’s raining Lord, large drops of life are pelting my face,
leaving marks on my back, penetrating my heart.
Tears run down my face joining the rain.

You told me where to run, so I’m running to You
You are there, Your arms open wide.

I see You, I’m coming!

Whisper in my ear, tell me truth. Breathe hope into my life
Speak Your Words of love to my heart

I am at rest at last…

You have heard,
You have healed You are the place to which I run.

Till we are together again,
Because of His genuine love,
Julie Bills

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